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   About Town Speed



Town Speed was established in 1968 as the Welcome Neighbor USA Program for New Movers. We‘re a family owned company that is dedicated to helping local businesses acquire new customers through easy and affordable cooperative advertising programs. We are passionate about marketing and committed to helping small businesses achieve their marketing goals. 

The concept is simple; when local businesses join together and pool their resources they can reach more customers at a fraction of the cost of going it alone. Each Town Speed program is designed as a complete campaign that promotes local businesses to likely customers. Each campaign highlights and promotes individual business with offers, information and discounts designed to attract new customers to your business.

We offer three campaigns that promote local and regional businesses to new customers in their area.

  1. Town Speed Direct: Direct mail marketing program to New Homeowners. Genuine new customers are looking for you. Reach them now with Town Speed's direct mail welcome program to new residents. 
  2. Email List Expander: Grow your own email list! Fresh, opt-in emails are delivered to your inbox every day. Market directly to online consumers AND capture all of the names and email addresses to build your own email list!
  3. Town Speed Super Coupons: Email coupon marketing to local email subscribers. Reach local, opt-in email consumers who are ready and willing to respond to your great offer. 

The Town Speed programs are designed to not only be affordable but easy for small businesses to execute as well. We know how busy you are running your business every day and although Marketing is an essential element to any successful business it is often hard to find the time to create, design and develop new marketing programs. So we’ve created marketing programs that not only can you easily afford but also easily join without having to spend a lot of your precious time to get up and running. 

We are here to help. We love marketing and we’re passionate about helping local businesses thrive. Give us a call we’d be happy to discuss your marketing challenges and goals. 

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